What is nagga?

NAGGA is a discrete device that actively monitors your riding position. Easily attached to your boot, hat or arm, NAGGA will buzz or vibrate when it detects that your position is incorrect.

NAGGA is your personal riding coach, helping you to self-correct your position. Whether you're schooling or riding out, this revolutionary new rider aid will 'nag' you every time a bad habit creeps in.

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What they say
“An instant improvement in my riding and my horse's way of going”

How does NAgga help?

Every rider can relate to having, "sit up, shoulders back" shouted at them across the school. A rider's position is not looking good, your position translates to the horse.

When you look down, your shoulders slouch forward, your lower leg comes back, your balance shifts forward and your horse can end up on the forehand and downhill.

Good arm position and balanced hands are vital to creating a good outline and contact. Conversely, bad arm and hand position will cause horses to become over-bent behind the vertical or throw their heads up, and lose the contact.

Your lower leg is your key riding 'aid', consciously knowing where your lower leg is positioned is therefore vital to good communication with your horse.

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NAGGA Riding Coach
£ 69.00 GBP