Actively Monitor Your Riding Position

Subtle changes in your riding position can not only influence your balance, but your horse's way of going. NAGGA actively monitors your riding position without the need for a trainer on the ground.

Do you look down, hunch your shoulders, put your leg too far back or forwards, or drop your arms? NAGGA will immediately (after 2 second delay) alert you by vibrating or buzzing, helping you to correct your position and instantly improve your riding.

NAGGA isn't just for you. Does your horse have a tendency to over-bend or throw their head up? Is your horse 'crooked', on the forehand or behind the bit? Many of these issues can be improved with better leg position, by sitting up and being more balanced in the saddle, and in your hands and arms.

Head Position

Sit up, look up and put your shoulders back!

It doesn't just look better, you'll be more balanced, you'll sit deeper in the saddle, your weight will be better distributed and your lower leg will be more independent.

Your horse will find it easier to come up off the forehand, engage their hind quarters, open their shoulder for better movement and it will encourage improved head carriage.

NAGGA Improve your head position riding

Leg Position

Any rider knows how important leg position is in communicating with your horse and helping your horse to move, bend and transition.

If you don't know where your leg is, you could be sending mixed signals to your horse. Often poor leg position is a symptom of poor balance. NAGGA will help you to attain an independent lower leg that consistently and consciously communicates the correct aids.

NAGGA Improve your leg position riding

Arm Position

With every movement of your hands and arms transferred via the reins to the bit, good arm position and balanced hands are vital to clear communication.

The position of your hands and arms relative to the reins and bit, help to determine outline and contact. Bad arm and hand position will cause horses to become over-bent behind the vertical or throw their heads up, and lose the contact.

NAGGA Improve your hand and arm position riding
NAGGA Riding Coach
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